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Our strategic planning methodology improves efficiency and accuracy of business processes.  (more…)

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The Nigerian market represents a huge opportunity for foreign direct investment and high growth. (more…)

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We are your best solution to any Human Resource matter.  (more…)

About Us

Rhizome Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm with a focus on strategy, organisational development and human capital solutions. We help organisation’s to improve their performance through analysis of their organisational and human capital potentials and challenges.

Our clients includes a variety of SME's, multinationals, corporate organisations, not for profit and government organisations in the areas of learning and development, recruitment and selection, performance management, compensation and reward, employee surveys, board appraisal and business process.

Our Vision


“To enable people and organisations achieve their potential."

Our Mission


“To provide organisations with people-oriented solutions and transform their capability."

Core Values





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