The Rhizome podcast is the channel focused on business and management infused with a bit of human capital development and management consulting strategys. The aim of our podcast is to provide you with information on the go while equipping you with knowledge that helps you to become more resourceful in the workplace. The Rhizome podcast aims to be a “time saver”, a medium for learning on the go, so weather you are in your car, at work, flying or at home, you are learning on the go. See, you are more resourceful already.

As a management consulting firm, our business, management and human capital development content fusion will cater to the needs of organisations, employers and employees.
Each week we discuss concepts to help our listeners develop and grow in their careers. We discuss with high-performing and successful individuals who share their expertise and experiences on how to navigate different industries or cover topic key areas like:

  • Strategies
  • Operations
  • Profitability and sustainability
  • Consulting
  • Personal branding, growth and development, and
  • Improving hard and soft skills.

Our overall goal is to be an entertaining learning ground. Welcome to the Rhizome podcast.